The Cuban Cultural Fest

Join us for the Cuban Cultural Fest’s inaugural year! May 18 and 19, 2013

The Cuban Cultural Fest was established to celebrate the rich heritage and traditions of the island nation that have been nurtured and kept alive by Cuban Americans living in the Tampa Bay area. This festival will showcase talented Cuban artists and performers in a cultural celebration that introduces the people of Tampa Bay to an exciting world of talent and culture.

If you thrive on mouth-watering cuisine; if music and dance keep your heart pumping; if great art touches your soul; if you want your kids to learn to groove; and if you want to roll your own cigars, then join the party at the Cuban Cultural Fest! We have something for everyone.

Cuba is perhaps the most enigmatic nation in the Americas. Come to the Cuban Cultural Fest and get to know what Cuban culture is all about—music, dancing, food and art. And let’s not forget the cigars!